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A poker table or bridge table is a rectangular table specifically designed especially for playing poker. Poker tables have become extremely popular not only among poker players but also among poker enthusiasts, those who like to gather around a table to watch sporting matches or those who simply enjoy the game. They are available in various sizes and shapes. Some people prefer to have a poker table with a few chairs around it while others would prefer to have it just like a picnic table with chairs around it.

One of the best things about poker tables is that they are very durable and sturdy. This makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. There are many varieties available today like wooden poker tables with four or five card facings. There are also table made of glass. They vary in sizes and prices as well.

For special occasions like tournaments and high stakes games, customized poker tables can be ordered which incorporate some innovative designs. For example, some people may want their table to incorporate a mahogany finish. Others may want to have an antique look. Whatever the design the buyer may want to incorporate, it will surely be pleasing to the eye and will definitely enhance the aura of the place where the table is placed.

Most poker tables can also be fitted with poker mats to add to its durability. The poker mats can be of different sizes and designs. They are usually made from soft leather material with plush cushions sewn on. Some have small drawers below the cushions so that cards can be kept neatly. Others have little pockets on the sides so that extra cards that are not used for a moment can be kept nearby. These poker mats are removable and washable.

For cleaning, most poker tables can be washed by using a mild detergent or even soap and water. A dry cloth is best so that no streaks are left behind. A plastic or aluminum cleaner may be used if there are stubborn stains that cannot be removed easily. A poker table cloth should be used to remove any liquid spills and to wipe the surface clean.

There are many dealers who provide services for these types of poker tables. They can customize the poker table according to the requirements of the customer. The dealer can remove the chips from the table and replace it with other types of playing cards. The dealer can print new cards on the back of the chips for the customers to use while playing card games at home. Customized poker tables are a boon for people who love playing card games at home.

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