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An Easy Introduction to Poker

One of the really popular casino card games of today is poker. Poker is popular in homes, neighbourhoods, casinos, online, and even just among friends after a hard days work. You can play poker casually among friends or we can say “formally” where we have serious people making serious bets in casino websites.

Let’s take a look at poker game play.

Unfortunately, there is no universal version of poker where all variations of the game can relate. But you can bet there are similarities among the many poker variations.

A poker dealer deals the cards. The dealer would shuffle, cut, and deal the cards for each game. Depending on poker variant you’re playing, cards can be dealt face-up or facedown.

From these cards you get to “assemble” a hand that can beat everyone else’s.

How is the poker betting action?

There are many betting rounds during a game of poker. Poker players start with a bet that is called an ante. This is the initial bet that is made in a game of poker. Usually, poker players make this bet before the cards are dealt. This is used to build the pot.

The pot is pretty much like a common fund (much like a jackpot) that you can look forward to winning after several rounds. The pot usually goes up during different rounds depending on what action poker players take.

What are the possible moves or actions?

When players “fold”, it simply means that they call it quits. They surrender their cards; they don’t match the bet on the poker table and forfeit whatever chance they might have to win the pot.

If there is not a single bet on the table a player may choose to “check”. This means that that player is passing the move to the next poker player on the table.

If there are no bets on the table, a player may then, of course, “bet”.

Now, if there is already a bet on the table, a player may opt to “raise”. This means that the players may increase the bet that’s on the table.

To “call” a bet means that a player chooses to match the bet that is on the table. If one player on a game of poker makes a bet, the game may end if other the players do not call the bet. The player who made the bet wins the pot and no cards are required to be shown.

This leads us to the exciting and curious element of poker — bluffing.

In poker, you have the opportunity to trick your opponents into thinking that you have a superior hand than theirs. You not only bluff with a “fake” hand, but with a really powerful hand. It would take quite some time and experience before you master this art.

Poker attracts millions of players worldwide. It isn’t only played in casinos, poker can also be played just about anywhere where friends can gather around. Have Fun and Enjoy!

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