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Online Slots vs. Land-Based Slots: Which one offers superior experience?

For those who love playing slots games the argument on land-based slots versus online slots can be a very much heated debate. But those who are seriously into slot games know, both of them have advantages and most of the time both are used as frequently as possible.

Comfort and Convenience

If you are lucky enough to live nearby a land-based casino, then getting a feel of live slots is very easy for you. But many prefer online slots it is not always convenient to travel far.

Moreover, in jurisdictions where online gaming has been declared legal, you can enjoy playing slot games of your choice anywhere using your Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

So for convenience and comfort, online slots are a clear winner.

Playing your game of choice

Once you visit a Land-based casino, you will encounter thousands of slot machines with hundreds of different titles, especially in the United States.  But you have to search every floor to find your preferred games. Even if you manage to find your game, it is very difficult to get a seat there and play since it is already preoccupied with someone else.

But with online casinos, you never have any problem to find a game of your choice. No matter how many online players are playing the exact same game at a particular moment, you can still play the game with your computer or Smartphone.  All you need to just scroll through all available games offered on the website and choose the one you like most.

Lasting favorites

Even at the largest live casinos, available floor space for slots is limited. A game that generates revenue lower than the house average, is shortly eliminated to make room for new games that might be able to attract more players.

The hardware used for the land-based slots is expensive, so the game has to earn its keep. The hardware is often reused for different games, and land-based casinos replace old games off the floor on a regular basis.

Online games also get cycled out of play but it doesn’t have to be as frequently as in case of land-based casinos. If an online slot that makes less than average revenue, it takes up only bandwidth, it doesn’t need expensive floor space or expensive machine settings.

Special effects and use of technology

Land-based casinos have some added advantages too. There are some technologies available only in land-based casinos which are not offered online. For example, some amazing 3D imaging experiences are not available to online players at present.

So as we can see both of them has their own uniqueness. Both are great, both have their supporters, and which offers better experience depends on what you value.

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