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The Technology Behind a Live Casino

If you’re wondering what is the technology behind a Live Casino, read on. We’ll talk about the Game Control Unit (GCU), a small shoebox-sized device that digitizes the broadcasted video. The monitor is another important part of a Live Casino, as it allows both players and dealers to monitor the action. The monitor displays messages from players, which can be seen on a monitor within the dealer’s line of sight.

One of the most critical technologies behind a Live Casino is the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Basically, the software scans everything that the cameras see and cross-references that data. OCR software then passes this information along to the Game Control Unit, which encodes the video stream and processes the information from the OCR software. In short, the Game Control Unit is the “engine” of a Live Casino.

Aside from the game console, the gaming studio utilizes a high-quality camera to record the action in the gaming room. The camera, which uses a low-latency program, enables players to follow every movement in the gaming studio. The camera records every detail of each game, so that it can be replayed in a later date. In addition, players can interact with a live chat operator if they need assistance.

Another unique feature of a Live Casino is the fact that its dealers are real people. You’ll be able to interact with the dealer and other players in real-time. The video feed from the dealer is broadcast over the Internet, making it possible to see and interact with real people in a realistic environment. While the technology behind a Live Casino is complex, the core functionality is easy to understand. And the live casino dealer makes the entire experience more realistic and immersive for both players and casino staff.

The technology behind a Live Casino is not new. In fact, the first live dealer game was developed in 1998. Computer and internet technology was just catching up. In the early 2000s, 3G internet was launched. It was slow, but now there were smartphones that made internet connectivity more convenient for people. Four years later, smartphones and tablets were introduced, which changed the internet landscape. The technology behind a Live Casino is becoming a necessity for mobile users.

The technology behind a Live Casino enables players to access the games from any location. The studios use HD video — some even support 4K – to stream the games to their users. This is done by using optical character recognition technology, which translates everything happening in the room into readable data. These streams are then broadcast to players and dealers. These technologies provide players with an authentic live casino experience. They also allow players to interact with the dealers.

Another essential piece of technology for a Live Casino is its cameras. A Live Casino studio uses high-definition cameras that can capture all key action of the live dealer game. Those cameras used to be quite large, but today’s versions are small and lightweight. A Live Casino Studio usually uses at least three cameras to ensure a better view of the action and the dealer’s close-ups. With these, players can interact with the dealer in real-time without having to worry about missing a single detail.

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