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Slots are examples of the types of gambling games found in casinos either online or land-based casinos. Online slots are the modern version of manual slots that are mostly available in Casinos used for gambling.  Online slots can be played at one’s comfort, some online slots are played on websites only while others can be downloaded.

Online slots are one of the forms of gambling online – check out Mr Luck. Some online slots can be played using coins or vouchers like the manual slots, some require the player to sign up and play by depositing real money and some are played for free.

Free Slots to Play

Free slots are slots that allow players to play without having to deposit any money or even signing up. It is not different from the normal slots in functionality and the way they work, it is similar to the demo players are allowed to play when they sign up in some real money online slots. People play free slots for different reasons, such as; it is risk-free, it enables people to learn the basics of the game before venturing into real money online slots and some people play it just for fun. Some free online slots give room for players to win things like free spins, gifts, bonuses that can also be used to play the game again while some even allow players to win real money just like real money online slots. The money wins in free slots are not as big as that of real money online slots but it’s enough to increase the fun and encourage players to keep playing. Most free online slots sometimes have unusual, attractive, mind-blowing designs such as characters from popular movies, beautiful symbols, etc.

Types of Slots

There are so many types of slots based on different categories such as their denomination, locations, payout rates, number of reels or game types, method of payments, etc.

Types of slots based on denominations: Different slot machines accept different denominations according to the way the machine is designed. Some accept coins like pennies, nickels, quarters while some accept cash notes like dollars. Others only accept some kind of voucher or ticket.

Types of slot based on the number of reels/game types: Basically, slot machines were games with three to five reels that differentiated them. Now, slots with more thrilling game types such as video slots showing clips of popular movies, pokies, 3d slots, classic slots and a lot more can be found online.

Types of slots based on locations: This can only be classified into two; land-based slots and online slots. Land-based slots can be played and handled physically by players although they have their reels in virtual design but they are still land-based because they are found in places like airports, bars, casinos, and even some hotels. Online slots are found on the internet, they can be played on websites or even downloaded and players can play in the privacy and comfort of wherever they are.

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