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What types of slot machines are there?

Slot machines are frequent machines in casinos, bars, and similar establishments, where, for a small bet, you can win a lot of money, always depending on the chance. These, in exchange for a small amount of money bet, give a programmed playing time, and eventually give a cash prize, although lately in internet casinos free slots are more and more frequent in which, and just as their name indicates, they are completely free and it is not necessary to bet money on them, but they allow to play without having to spend real money.

There are several types of slot machines:

  • Programmed slot machines: in which the slot machine prize depends on an internal program of the machine, so that after a certain number of plays, the machine returns an amount of money already estimated by its programming. This type of machines are the most common in bars, cafes, and in any place where these games of chance are allowed
  • Slot machines: in these machines the prizes awarded depend exclusively on luck, and they have a percentage of payment that to understand them you have to resort to probability, statistics. These are frequent in new Canadian casinos and gambling halls.

Slot machines allow for different bets. Also, they allow to play single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, among others. The higher the money bet by the player, the higher the amount you can win. In the same way, in the market there are progressive slots, which their main attraction is that they can provide big jackpots to bettors and players. Every time a gambler puts money into a progressive slot machine, more and more money is added to the final jackpot. This is what gives it the name “progressive”. Nowadays, the slots that make life in the market are the so-called digital ones, which replace the traditional reels with a fully automated and digital system, as its name indicates. There are also mixed slot machines, in which some rollers are combined inside the machine, with a digital system on top.

Recreational machines

These types of machines are all those whose function is simply the hobby or recreation, and are limited to granting the gambler an estimated playing time for the price of a game, without there being a cash prize for it, but rather points are granted that can be exchanged for objects, gifts, and in certain cases, money. This means that the use of these slots is purely for fun. This also includes those slots where the only prize is extra time playing the same slot for the player. However, at no time is there a chance for the player to win a cash prize, or any item time redeemable for a cash prize. The only motivation for players in this type of slot is therefore that the gambler can continue to play. This type of slots include dart slots, table football slots, pool slots and similar.

Programmed prize machines

In addition to offering playing time as a prize element, these machines also offer the possibility of winning a cash prize, either a jackpot, or a similar prize under another name, which can eventually be exchanged for money.

Depending on the time the player is betting, he gets a prize. This also depends on the order of the games. This is the most common type of machines in hotels, cafes, bars, and other establishments.

The slot machines of this type have a lot of variations and models, which can be digital or analogical. Most of the time, this type of slots combine these two types of operation, working with the graphic adventure systems and the reels. The success of these games varies according to the region and specific models, and, obviously, their profitability depends on how popular these slots are in the market.

Random machines

These slot machines award prizes in cash or vouchers redeemable for money. However, these machines have an essential difference, and this is specified in the rules, which state that these machines are governed entirely by chance. In this way, the differentiating element of this type of slot machines is the randomness that they present.

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